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Delivery Men

Le Gourmet Pantry

delivery & returns


All deliveries will be made as soon as possible once your order is received. Deliveries will be made by our own drivers or alternatively we will use a third party courier service. Wherever possible we chose the available delivery option that has the lowest environmental impact. Please understand that some aspects of delivery are outside of our control and while we will always aim to delivery promptly we can not guarantee exactly when your goods will arrive. Le Gourmet Pantry assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to goods as a result of fire, floods, strikes or accidents beyond our reasonable control.

Please provide an accurate delivery address including Eircode, we do not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of your goods due to providing an incorrect delivery address. 

Please provide clear delivery instructions. If no delivery instructions are provided and no one is home to receive the order we will leave the goods on your doorstep or where we deem to be the safest possible place to leave your delivery. We do not accept and responsibility for damage or loss once the goods have been delivered to the correct delivery address.


We always strive to use the most eco-friendly packing available and encourage reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. All packaging will be determined based on what we feel will ensure the goods arrive to you in the best possible condition. We encourage you to return any unwanted packaging to our depot, or where we are using our own drivers and not a third party courier we will accept clean dry packing and either dispose of it ethically or our favourite, reuse it!

refunds & returns policy

We aim to ensure that our customers are wholly and completely satisfied with our goods and services. Should an issue arise please be aware of the following;

Any issues pertaining to your delivery including items missing should be identified with a member of our team no more than 48hours after delivery. We cannot issue replacement product, refunds, or credits once this time period has lapsed. 

We are happy to resolve any issues though we will not provide refunds, credits or exchanges where you have changed your mind or ordered a product incorrectly.

We try our best to ensure that all listed products on our website are in stock at all times however on occasion the product ordered may not be available, in this instance we reserve the right to send a product that we view is a reasonable replacement or substitute. If there is no alternate product to supply you we will contact you with the available options which may include a credit or refund or the option of a back order. 


We always strive to sell high quality, ethically sourced, sustainable wholefoods at a reasonable price. Prices can change regularly due to availability and seasonality of the products you purchase. 

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