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Varieties of Grain

Le Gourmet Pantry

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All of our Callebaut chocolate is made from 100% sustainable and traceable cocoa. When you buy our chocolate you help empower cocoa farmers by investing in training for young women in West Africa to turn their entrepreneurial dreams in to real business and become successful cocoa farmers.

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We are supporters of Food Cloud, donating food that may otherwise go to waste so that it can be redistributed to charities around Ireland to help those in food poverty. We also assist with the transport of excess goods between their food cloud hubs in Cork, Galway and Dublin which means our delivery vans are always full and supporting our communities in Ireland.

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This year we added ten new Organic products! We are fully certified with the Irish Organics Association for the sale of Organic produce. We are very proud of our relationship with Level Organics minerals which we began in 2019 and look forward to growing our organic range year on year. 

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reduced waste

  1. We offer returnable, refillable, reusable packaging on our Drumeel Farm range of Cereals

  2. We pledge as soon as the plastic film we have in our warehouse is used we will switch to a more sustainable option for our Le Gourmet Pantry range

  3. We will use 'ugly packaging' which means we will reuse cardboard packaging where ever possible for your deliveries.

  4. No bubble wrap in our house - we will use our own recycled paper as padding for your deliveries

  5. Buy bulk - want to buy any of the goods you see on our site in bulk - that's easy just give us a call. Why not start a co-op with your friends and reduce your waste together? Call us on 01 462 3566 for more information.

Reduced Waste
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