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kitchen feasts

Do you need inspiration for wholesome, healthy meals. Food nourishes not just our bodies but our minds and souls too! The sustainable wholefoods you find here on our website are pantry staples allowing you to be creative in the kitchen. Nuts, Spices, Herbs, Grains, Seeds and Cereals. They will help you to cook delicious, healthy, nourishing meals for yourself, your friends and your families. What nourishes the soul more than creating special memories you will treasure and that joy you get from eating well?

We are very lucky to have many foodie friends, some who cook, some who bake, some who write and some who do it all marvelously well. One such friend is the stunning Vanessa from Kitchen Feasts blog. You can visit her blog to get all the inspiration you need to create nutritious meals with our wide range of sustainable wholefoods. So take a look today or pop over to our menus page which will be updated monthly with new recipes from Vanessa and other foodie friends.

Our roots are steeped in community and so are our plans for the future so join our Le Gourmet Community today and we will send you inspirational recipes, special offers and updates.


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